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Babies are born with various congenital abnormalities which can be corrected and later they lead a normal or near normal life.The commonest being abscence of anal orifice ,Oesopahagus is not completly formed,Intestines are in the chest,Intestines are having discontinuity in between or may have abnormalities of the kidneys or urinary bladder or urethra to name a few.Most of these abnormalities can be corrected at times in stages .Many parents who are not aware of the avalabilty of such facilities under go lot of mental anguish. One need not feel bad that they got a defective baby .They are not defective if treated properly they will be just like any other children and lead a normal life like others.Only thing need is pediatric surgcal care with experienced surgeon and the results will be excellent and we assure of this.


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